Sharm El Sheikh Agreement

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The two sides agreed to resume negotiations on permanent status in order to reach an agreement on sustainable status. They reaffirmed that the negotiations on permanent status would lead to the implementation of Security Council Resolutions 242 and 338. Both sides agreed to work resolutely to reach a framework agreement and set a timetable for achieving this goal. The issue of the agreement in Sharm el-Sheikh was raised by Pakistan on Saturday, after Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said that the current relations between the two neighbours were not conducive to talks “at any level.” Pakistan`s foreign minister said it was not yet the Indian Prime Minister`s last remark to himself, but asked if that was India`s position, “what was Sharm el-Sheikh then, what was this agreement?” The aim of the memorandum was to implement the interim agreement on the West Bank and Gaza Strip (Oslo II) of September 1995 and to implement all other agreements between the PLO and Israel since September 1993: Protocol on Economic Relations (1994); agreement on the Gaza Strip and the territory of Jericho (1994); Washington Declaration (1994); agreement on the preparatory delegation of powers and responsibilities between Israel and the PLO (1994); Protocol on the continuation of the delegation of powers and responsibilities (1995); Wye River Memorandum (1998). The nationalist movement was crushed with the army and air force under the regime of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto. The movement has been dormant for nearly 30 years, although opposition to the construction of the Chinese port of Gwadar, the Makran Highway project and the presence of Texas oil companies, which locals believe are not useful, continues. These projects most often employ outsiders, whose benefits do not benefit the local population. In addition, Islamabad has adopted the policy of establishing outsiders in Balochistan, including army officers through land grants. Even after the largest terrorist attack on India, on 26/11, there was no real-time, credible and achievable disclosure of information by Pakistan. The fact is that no one shares such information, because no intelligence organization wants to jeopardize its fortune.

“He doesn`t seem to have closed all the doors. There is still room for manoeuvre. When he did not talk about dialogue, he may have referred to the end-of-procedure dialogue,” the official said, adding that other types of interactions between the two sides were still possible. Manmohan Singh`s error in Balochistan was linked to the exchange of credible and achievable real-time information on terrorist threats. This has important consequences for India. By indirectly accepting Pak`s accusations, India will now become a promoter of terrorism. Pakistan will no longer be isolated as a state that promotes terrorism in the region. No one was surprised when the first thing Pakistani Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani did in Islamabad on his return from Sharm el-Sheikh in Egypt accused India of meddling in Balochistan. Pakistan has long argued that India is acting in its most troubled province and that Indian consulates in Afghanistan have been misused for this purpose.