Supply Agreement Australia

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33.5 alter the validity or applicability of another provision. The contract (including the indications contained in the order) represents the entire agreement between the buyer and the supplier, and no modification is a requirement of the buyer of the contract and can be delivered by mail, manual delivery, fax or email as soon as possible after the discovery of the problem by the buyer and, in any event, no later than 14 days after the delivery of the goods. To the extent that the supplier can identify the goods and the date of manufacture, the buyer must provide a sample and information on request. The supplier has the right to verify the goods in question at any time within 14 days of receiving the request. If the buyer sells the goods within 14 days, with the exception of the supplier`s written consent, the buyer applies to all claims relating to the sold goods. 14.1 If the supplier is required to match a shade or colour, a light and dark tolerance is permitted to the extent agreed by the supplier and the customer at the time of the standard colour indication, and without agreement an appropriate tolerance is allowed 1. Parts 2. Commitment, and whether it`s exclusive or non-exclusive 3. Price and payment 4. Ownership reserve (optional), i.e. if the supplier retains ownership of the goods after delivery until the goods are paid for 5. Quality of contractual assets, i.e.

mandatory guarantees regarding the destination and compliance with relevant safety standards, codes and legislation 6. Order, delivery and packaging 7. Violation by suppliers, time to remedy the infringement, end of delivery 8. Violation by the customer, time to correct the infringement, end of delivery 9. Supplier warranty, repair and repair 10. Termination with optional compensation clause 11. repeal the provisions of Agreement 12. Legal guarantees 13.

Supplier guarantee (optional) and 14th calendar (to include classification of goods, unit prices, method and terms of payment, price fluctuation (if any), delivery details, additional clauses (if any). In the case of a substantial change in legislation or regulation (including the introduction of a form of emissions or CO2 trading system or an emissions tax or a CO2 tax) over the life of the company, the supplier has the right, subject to point 11.1, to increase in writing, within 10 days. , the price of the products to be paid by the buyer of an amount corresponding to the increase in costs incurred by the supplier when delivering the products to the buyer as a result of such a major change.