Utah Association Of Realtors Residential Rental Agreement

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State law requires that the deposit for rental units be returned within thirty (30) days of the tenant`s evacuation of the premises at the end of the lease. The amount reimbursed to the tenant is the full amount of the deposit, deducted from the property the costs of defects or damages that are not normal problems of wear and tear (§ 7-17-3). There are no state laws that state when rents must be paid. Therefore, the tenant must pay the rent according to the terms of the rental agreement. A standard Utah lease agreement allows a lessor and tenant to enter into a legally binding lease agreement and convey the terms of the agreement in a document executed by both parties. A lease must contain the rental price, the rental period and the rules of the lessor. The standard rental term is one (1) year with a monthly rent. In most cases, the tenant has the option to extend by an additional year at the end of the initial term All conditions that are not included in the rental agreement are not legally binding. Disclosure of the availability of residential real estate – Landlords must provide applicants for housing rentals with written information informing them of all expected availability and the criteria under which they accept tenants, including the substantive examination criteria (§ 57-22-4 (5)). Methamphetamine Disclosure – If the owner or owner is aware of methamphetamine contamination of an apartment, they must disclose this information in the rental agreement (Article 57-27-201).

In order for a landlord to legally be able to charge for late rents, it is necessary to add explicit language to the contract regarding the exact late fees and possible additional delays. The State of Utah does not limit the amount a landlord can claim for late compensation for monthly rent. Utah Association of Realtors Residential Lease Agreement (Form 31) – This residential lease agreement is established by the National Association of Brokers for use exclusively by its registered members. If you use a personal or business check to make a rent payment, it could be subject to a fee if it is declined due to a lack of money in the account. . . .