Wedding Vendor Agreement

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An amended provision states that the contract can only be amended if certain measures are taken. For example, it may be necessary for any contract amendments to be made in writing and signed by both of you. This way, you and your supplier can make sure that you have thought about the changes and that you have expressly accepted them. When do you negotiate? This is a great question because Indians often go straight to the vendors and say, “Give me a good price,” even before the vendors offer their services and flat rates. Once the seller has given you the prices of their package, negotiate in advance. Especially for services such as location. That said, some suppliers (like your photographer) may not have as much leeway. What happens if something becomes sour? If you have a conflict with your supplier, contact them first before doing anything else. See if you can find something. Suppliers don`t like contracts as much as you do, but they use them because it means everyone is protected. It`s not only to their advantage, it`s also to your advantage. As simple as it may seem, it`s a step that many engaged couples overlook. You`ll want a clear answer from each supplier about what exactly is included in your contract.

For example, does your photo contract include a second shooter and/or a photo album or print? If so, how many pages does the album have and what is the quality? Does your makeup contract include touch-ups after the ceremony or do you have to pay extra to keep an artist in the weather? But what happens if those candles fall along the driveway, or what happens if someone is injured? I`m not trying to scare you, but as brides, we don`t always think about it: what if something goes wrong at my wedding? Any contract must cover basic points, including the most obvious: the date and time of the wedding. In fact, you`ll likely see the phrase “time is crucial,” meaning the date of the contracted service is an essential part of the agreement. The contract must also include the seller`s fees and a breakdown of costs. Some contracts include a price escalation clause that allows for unexpected expenses. If you cannot remove the clause, add a cap to the total cost. no more than 15% above the base price is fair. The contract must also record the terms of payment; Typically, sellers require a 50% deposit at the time of signing, with the balance due shortly before or on the wedding day. How your credit card can help if you can, avoid paying in cash. Many providers love money, but if you want to cover yourself, you want a written record, just in case something happens. Use PayPal or credit card for payments. Another reason for using credit cards is that if something goes wrong, you can assert a claim directly through your credit card company.

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